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» 16.March 2017 um 01:33Uhr «
Cafe Lipe
» 16.March 2017 um 01:29Uhr «
Good mornng,
It was quiet from our side since this season we were busy and after all not the most active internet users,sorry.
Now the season goes slowly to an end and the island is starting to get quieter. The weather is still nice but the whole year,season 16:17 was special because we had always some rainy days which is nice somehow,the plants stay greener but the mosquitos are as well more around. Well we guess you can't have it all.
At this place we would like to thank all of you beautiful people who visited our place during this year and made our days so nice and full of interesting experiences.
We wish you all a wonderful day,
Cafe Lipe
Mail: mswing54@gmail.com
Location: Rome
» 14.March 2017 um 11:23Uhr «
It 's been a few years since we've been in koh lipe and your breakfast, your hospitality is one of the things that we remember better. Tks again
Mail: loco1964@hotmail.com
Location: Basel
» 09.March 2017 um 08:47Uhr «
Danke Dir Darius und deinem Team für die tolle Bewirtung, man fühlt sich wie zu Hause. Du bist ein Toller Gasgeber. Nr.1 in Koh Lipe.
Gruss Remo & Anca
Sanne vandenberghe
Mail: Sanne.vandenberghe@gmail.com
Location: Koh lanta
» 08.March 2017 um 10:21Uhr «

My friend and I will be in koh lipe tomorrow.
Do you still have rooms Available for three nights?
That would be wonderfull.

Thanks in advance.

Nicole Klössig
Mail: n_kloessig@web.de
» 01.March 2017 um 09:31Uhr «
We are 4 backpackers and want to ask if you have a free bungalow for us tomorrow ?

Thank you
Best regards

Mail: cejchanka@seznam.cz
» 22.February 2017 um 12:46Uhr «
hello, we would like to book 2 bungalows from 22.12. to 7.1.2018..do you have only cold water in the bungalow or all so warm .You have eletriciti in bungalows 24/24?
Thank you Zuzana
Maja vavrac
Mail: Maja.vavrac@gmail.com
» 18.February 2017 um 10:20Uhr «
Hello do you have a free room for 2 for tomorrow? Thank you
Mail: peter.francis.murphy@gmail.com
Location: Ko Lanta
» 17.February 2017 um 14:10Uhr «
Good evening,
I was wondering if you have any rooms/bungalows available for 2 people, arriving Feb 20 through 24. Also inquiring about rates. Thanks!
Mail: Sblumhardt@web.de
» 12.February 2017 um 12:01Uhr «

Do you have a available room for 2 persons from 14/02/17 until 17/02/17.

How much is it per nicht? Is the the bathroom inside the bungalow?
Is breakfast included?

Thanks a Lot
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