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» 05.February 2017 um 13:23Uhr «
hi! Would like to know what your opening hours are? Thanks!
Jonathan Horton
Mail: jonniehorton@icloud.com
» 03.February 2017 um 12:36Uhr «

I plan to arrive on Koh Lipe on the 8th February. Do you have rooms available on this date for 1 week? How much is the room per night?

Many thanks,

Mail: mesonero90@hotmail.com
Location: Langkawi
» 01.February 2017 um 04:42Uhr «
I am just wondering about your availability and price from the 6th of Feb. We are flexible in the arrival date and number of nights.
Mail: Annadurkin21@gmail.com
» 24.January 2017 um 11:36Uhr «
Hey, I was wondering if you have a room available from 26th-31st Jan?


Mail: luisa.michels@gmail.com
» 20.January 2017 um 15:48Uhr «
Hey there,

We are coming to Koh Lipe tomorrow and are looking for a cozy place to stay just like yours. We are 3 and wondering what bungalows you would have available for 2 nights, maybe more.

Thx in advance
looking forward to your answer

Cheers, Luisa
» 10.January 2017 um 10:27Uhr «
Hi, Do you have 2 rooms available 25-29 jan? Highly appreciate a prompt response as i have flight tix in stand by.
» 10.January 2017 um 01:31Uhr «
Cafe Lipe
» 10.January 2017 um 01:30Uhr «
Good morning,
Finally the big storm is over and the sun is out again this morning. The sea is also quiet and easy to travel on again.
Welcome to Lipe island where hopefully the dryer season will come now.
See you at,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe Lipe
» 06.January 2017 um 13:49Uhr «
Good evening,
Today we have quiet strange weather conditions here around Lipe.
During the last night we had rain and now in the evening it started again together with wind from the west,south west.
All that is unusual for this time of the year,since we are already in january and that means dry season.
Well it will change soon we guess and we will let you know now and then what is going on on and around lipe.
Have a wonderful day ,
Cafe Lipe
Cafe Lipe
» 04.January 2017 um 01:11Uhr «
Good morning,
The weather in Lipe is getting better again. For the last two three days we had some light rain and wind from north east.
Today it looks like it is all blown away and the sun is out again. So back to normal for January high season on Lipe,blue sky and sunshine.
Have a nice day,
Cafe Lipe
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