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Graham Large
» 13.May 2010 um 22:36Uhr «
Hello Pat
I've been listening to you and the Chris Barber band for the last 55 years and have bought many a 78, EP, LP and CD over the years. No other band playing what used to be called traditional jazz had the same bounce and effervescence and I'm sorry to hear that you have retired. You have left a lasting legacy. Best wishes on your 80th. I can't believe it!
Ross Culver
» 03.May 2010 um 11:36Uhr «
Congratulations on your 80th Birthday,you have been an inspiration to us all over the years.from Ross Culver D/Bass for
The Twin City Stompers ( Trad Band)
Hawke's Bay New Zealand
Tom Kerr.Trombone
Alan Meakin. Clarinet
Roy Wardle .Trumpet
Doug Farquhar. Banjo
Henning Reinke
» 26.April 2010 um 11:15Uhr «
Lieber Pat,
alles, alles Gute zu Deinem 80. Geburtstag wünscht Dir Henning aus Brinkum bei Bremen. Ich habe mich seit über vierzig Jahren über Deine Musik bei vielen Konzerten gefreut. Feier schön und bis bald in Bremen!!!
Brenda &Larry Walker
» 20.April 2010 um 15:15Uhr «
Dear Pat

Belated birthday greetings. Hope you are enjoying the "easy living". We saw the band at Tring on Friday, it was another great evening. Although you weren't on the bandstand you were definitely still there in spirit.

Best wishes

Brenda & Larry Walker
» 17.April 2010 um 18:30Uhr «
Belated birthday wishes for your 80th Pat. Thanks for such a huge contribution for so many years. Have a long and happy "career change" as it were !
Sam Ellicott
» 17.April 2010 um 10:08Uhr «
Hi Pat
I have just posted a message on Chris message board and realised I have missed your 80th.
This is therefore a belated happy birthday message and congratulations. We have very happy memories of all the pleasure and fun you have given us over so many years. Cheers!
Harald Freyda
» 17.April 2010 um 09:59Uhr «
Lieber Pat!
Nachträglich NOCH zu Deinem Geburtstag Runden Die Besten Glückwünsche aus Deutschland und weiterhin Viel Gesundheit!Brigitte und Harald Freyda
uwe giesecke
» 15.April 2010 um 20:46Uhr «
Dear Pat,
happy birthday and much luck in the years to come. Sorry for being a little bit late but better late than never. I have listened to your trumpet so many times during your many concerts in Germany and I hope there will be another opportunity once you reunion with Chris`Band.
Werner Naasner
» 15.April 2010 um 09:45Uhr «
Dear Pat, best wishes+happy birthday! My wife and me have enjoyed your music so many times and we miss you when we still visit the concerts of Chris Barber. All the best for you!
Bob Zajicek, Prague
» 13.April 2010 um 13:14Uhr «
Pat, my dear friend,
I'm the cornetist from the former Traditional Jazz Studio Prague; I wish you all the best!
I'm working for Radio Prague; on Friday 19.3. I made a memorial program over you with your top recordings. Many jazzfans are still remembering you and your wonderful trumpet.
Good luck
Your admirer
Bob Zajicek
Derek Paramor
» 13.April 2010 um 10:32Uhr «
Happy birthday, Pops! Wrote yesterday under Norrie, but the computer obviously thought either I was drunk or the spirit world was trying to make contact!w
Hartmut Görgens
» 10.April 2010 um 13:30Uhr «
Dear Mr. Halcox,
With the best wishes for your birthday and your further life. Since 1954 I am enjoying your playing. Thousand thanks.

Hartmut Görgens
» 09.April 2010 um 12:09Uhr «
dear mr. halcox,
I hereby congratulate you with 80th birthday.
it is a bit late but better late than never
I have always enyoued your playing.I often
played the cd's with the band. I saw you the
first time in rotterdam in 1958. and several times after that. the last time in 2008.
I wish you all the best and hope you will have
a long tiume ahead of you in good health with
your family.
thank you and good luck.
» 29.March 2010 um 23:35Uhr «
Dear Pat,

I enjoyed your music several times in Frankfurt.
Best wishes for you and your family.

August Michael
» 21.March 2010 um 10:28Uhr «
Kære Pat !
Hjertelig tillykke med din fødselsdag d.18 marts.
Håber, du havde en god fest med familien og gode venner. Jeg har fulgt dig og Chris i alle årene, siden 1954, og var til min første concert i 1955 (nu 95). Du er en fantastik trompetist, altid super spil, flot tone og præcis. Jeg savnede dig ved de seneste concerter, men også, at vi altid fik en lille sluder sammen , efter concerten. Med ønsker om alt godt fremover, fra en af dine største fans.

August Michael Dk
Lutz Eikelmann
Web: http://www.lutz-eik...
» 19.March 2010 um 08:30Uhr «
Dear Pat,

a day too late, but with my true best wishes and best regards: HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

All the best!

Lutz Eikelmann
» 19.March 2010 um 00:07Uhr «
Dear Pat!

"Happy Birthday and all the best to you" in german: Viel Glück und viel Segen auf all deinen Wegen, Gesundheit und Frhsinn sei auch mit dabei!

"Keep on the sunny side" Jockel und Clemens
Marion Aitken
» 18.March 2010 um 10:59Uhr «
Happy Birthday, dear Pat from Marion, Malc, Philip and Angela . We hope to see you soon. God Bless and have a wonderful day xxx
Knud Daugaard
» 18.March 2010 um 10:06Uhr «
Hi Pat
Congratulations - thanks for all!
The best for you and your family.

Knud Daugaard DK
» 18.March 2010 um 08:11Uhr «
Happy birthday, Pat. I wish you all the best and a great day with your familiy and friends. Thanks for this wonderful time of great music.
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