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» 17.September 2008 um 22:29Uhr «
Hello dear Matthew=)
Concratulations to this big day. I hope you had a great birthday.. I wish you all the best. And i say only here concratulations to you and naama and your whole family

Greetings from germany
from neddi
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» 16.September 2008 um 22:29Uhr «
Happy Birthday, dear Matthew! On the 17th of September, 1969 God had especially good mood and had selected your parents to create the most wonderful boy of the world. And a small clown and gifted actor.

Probably he already anticipated at that time with whom you should become happy once. And thus you may celebrate from March of the next year the birthday of your own child. A masterpiece of the love between you and your Jewish jewel Naama - and a masterpiece of the love of God!

I wish you and your blest family a lot of love, success, luck and health. Thank you that you enrich our life! And thank God that he has given us Matthew Settle!

With love to you, Naama, your family and your little one! (ah, and to Jackie O. and Zoe )

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