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John Wagner
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Location: USA
» 23.January 2017 um 23:25Uhr «
I would like to offer you a correction on your table of short overall view of the Olympics. In the 1904 Olympic table you state that William H. Taft opened the Olympic Games. That is incorrect. The games were officially opened by David Rowland Francis, not William H. Taft.

Commented by klausi1: Yes, thank you John, you are right. I have changed the entry at once.
Rome Milan
Mail: romeparis@aol.com
Location: Fort Worth, Texas US
» 23.December 2016 um 22:01Uhr «
Enjoy researching items and History for my own Olympic and Gymnastics displays that are shown at many gymnastics events in the USA.
Budi Muljadi
Mail: arbarth_bm@yahoo.com
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
» 27.November 2016 um 06:59Uhr «
It's the best to have pages about olympic, especially in Indonesia, which less interest of olympic games, but what about the YOG, there's no page about it. It's more worthy if you add about the YOG.
Thanks for the Museum.
John Wagner
Web: http://mystamphobby...
Location: Virginia, USA
» 18.November 2016 um 22:01Uhr «
I am enjoying visiting your museum. I come back often to obtain information and view the stamps you have pictured here. You are doing an excellent job with this web site. Keep up the good work!
Mail: mike.attfield@sky...
Web: http://www.sky.com
Location: UK -, West sussex
» 15.November 2016 um 18:37Uhr «

Do, you have anything on the winter Olympics
Commented by klausi1: Yes, I have nearly everything from the Winter Olympics, but not the time to create the website.
Edward McRae
Mail: edward_mcrae@hotm...
Location: USA
» 30.October 2016 um 05:13Uhr «
Wonderful program and information.
Cycling 1972
Canadian Team
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Location: Mexico
» 06.August 2016 um 01:11Uhr «
Gracias por tan importante documento y es una delicia navegar por él.

» 05.August 2016 um 10:43Uhr «
very excited to see how these Games turn out!!
Juergen Wagner
Mail: info@olympic-muse...
» 26.July 2016 um 21:13Uhr «
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