We have sadly to announce that Pat Halcox passed away on Feb 4th, 2013.

RIP dear Pat - we all will miss you very much - your music lives on.

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Jelle van der Meer
» 03.April 2013 um 14:05Uhr «
It's a pitty.. hopely Pat's plays now in heaven. I wish you all strenght.
Peter E. Kramer
» 02.April 2013 um 19:13Uhr «
Pat Halcox will be vividly remembered by his friends in Switzerland. His great trumpet play enriched the many concerts here with the Chris Barber band.
Helge Lorenz
» 30.March 2013 um 23:36Uhr «
True inspiration for as long as I can remember.
Great musician, trumpet player and a real Gentleman. Wherever and whenever Pat turned up, the sun was shining. What a remarkable person and so deeply saddened that he is no longer with us. Will never forget you. Thanks Pat!
» 30.March 2013 um 22:29Uhr «
RIP Pat. A very talented musician and a sad loss to the music industry. I enjoyed watching and listening to you play in concerts.
» 30.March 2013 um 19:29Uhr «
No feia massa temps que et coneixia,.. la noticia del teu últim viatge m'ha conmocionat. Alla on siguis no perdis el somriure.
Lin and Alan Bradley
» 30.March 2013 um 16:38Uhr «
Had the great pleasure of playing with Pat on a number of occasions when he guested with the Zenith Hot Stompers.He helped to raise money for the pupils at my school in Derby and stayed with us a few times.What a great player and true gentleman. Thanks Pat.
Leo Lentz
» 28.March 2013 um 19:18Uhr «
Thank you dear Pat for all the joy you have given us for so many years.
roy booth
» 28.March 2013 um 18:20Uhr «
sorely missed
mick moffett
» 27.March 2013 um 12:03Uhr «
Great memories of the Barber band playing
the Marquee early 60s. Standing up front of
bandstand watching Pat play with such swing
and drive. I cherish his EP PAT.
Rest In Peace
Joachim Schrader
Web: http://joschrader2@...
» 26.March 2013 um 13:11Uhr «
Sehr geehrte
Damen und Herren,
ich kenne die Chris Barber Band sehr gut,auch
war ich bei vielen Konzerten der Chris Barber Band,wo ich auch Pat kennenlernte,er war für mich einer der besten Trompeter auf der ganzen Welt,ich selber bin u.a. Mitglied der Original Tiroler Kaiserjägermusik Innsbruck.Ich bin sehr traurig darüber,das Pat Halcox verstarb.
-Vielleicht macht er im Himmel weiter Musik-
Wünsche allen Gottes Segen.
Mit musikalischen Grüßen
Joachim Schrader
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