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Mail: danihow123@yahoo.com
Location: Massachusetts
» 22.April 2014 um 22:23Uhr «
Hi Dorrie - my grandmother was Yvonne Poirier Howard - I believe 2nd cousin to your mother/grandmother. I came across your website looking for information on the Poirier family. I am hoping we can connect and possibly share more information. My grandmothers father was Armand, son of Edouard Poirier who your grandmother Laura's uncle.

I am planning a trip to New Bedford soon - and we have a family event scheduled in May that some of the Poirier relatives will be attending so I would love to share information.
Commented by dorrie: sorry I didn't comment sooner, but I've been "offline" for some time....I"survived" a plane crash on March 2, 2013.....I'm now confined to a wheel chair but I'm alive and slowly catching up on stuff.

Thank you for the Poirer news. My mom died in Feb., 2014, so no way can I ask her about it....sorry.
Ron Reeves HTCM Ret.
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Location: New Jersey
» 01.September 2013 um 02:16Uhr «
Dorrie: Can you tell me the date your Dad assumed command of the Mark in September 1961, and who relieved him and date ? Do you hold any program of change of command ceremony that may have a list of previous CO's of the ship like who did he relieve would be a big help. I am making up a list of them to post on ships webpage, so anything would be appreciated. Thanks.
Commented by dorrie: sorry, but I'm just now trying to catch up on my news here. My dad took over command of the Mark in 1961 and gave it up when we left in 1965.... sorry no further info available. Have you tried google? My older brother, Robert, might help...look him up in facebook!

My dad's homepage: http://boatswain.us
Ron Bond
Mail: ron_bond1979@yaho...
Location: Indepenence Wisconsi
» 24.December 2012 um 16:01Uhr «
Hello miss Dorrie
I was satationed in Babenhausen Germany from 1979-81 i was part of the of the witches and wizzards square dance club I remember dancing at the rec center on fri nights the caller at the time was miles or niles oscerson or oscarman at the time i was part of the club would you happen to remember him or not, the time i loved the most being part being part of the club and all the great friends that i met during my time in germany and i remember the square dance cruise down the rhine river i would love get a hold of all my friend i met with being part of the witches and wizzards square dance club ron bond
Commented by dorrie: how interesting! The group still exists but they now dance in Rogau Nieder Roden.
Randal Mapstead
Mail: randal@mapstead.com
Location: Bakersfield, CA
» 02.September 2012 um 08:54Uhr «
Hi, I saw your GDHS reunion page. I am the reunion coordinator for Carmel High School in Carmel, CA class of 1965. would you ask your brother Bob if he has contact info for Karen Walker. She left Carmel after her sophomore year and went to Subic Bay.
cell # is 661-619-9351
Thank You
Web: http://www.karnicke...
» 14.May 2012 um 10:44Uhr «
Super tolle Homepage, schöne Bilder und gute Infos-Gruß aus Haltern am See/Sythen-Karnickelhausen.
patricia lindner
Mail: lindnerclan@hotma...
Location: germany
» 03.September 2011 um 14:20Uhr «
my husband was stationed in babenhausen till feb. 2003, we did live in aschaffenburg for a view years.

my dad did make a movie from my husbands reinlistment. He remembers that he was the 1. german camerman to come on Post and make a movie.

I like your page, Looks like a lot of work. Great job.
Commented by dorrie: thank you Patricia for your comment. Babenhausen is really a nice place to live, and Aschaffenburg as well.

Yes doing the page is a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. I enjoy sharing....
Mail: skharris212@aol.com
Location: Connecticut
» 21.June 2011 um 00:24Uhr «
Hi Dorrie,
I just wanted to say hi - I am Betty Hammontree's oldest daughter, Sandy, and I just read your tribute to her. Thanks for remembering her so fondly! She spent a year with me when I lived in Manhattan, and I remember how serious she was about her Journalspace posts and friends. I wish I had her old posts from those times. She had a tough time over the past 2 years, and losing Paul and her sweet dogs was more than she could bear. I tried to help her through but she couldn't be saved from her memories and sorrow. Anyway, I'm so glad she had a friend in you! It looks like you have a very interesting life! Thanks again,
Commented by dorrie: thanks Sandy!

I just now caught your note... for some reason I'm not getting notifications and didn't realise someone had written here. ooooops
I still miss Betty myself. I am so glad I had the opportunity to meet her and Paul.
Carol Van Cleef
Mail: carolvc@comcast.net
Location: Oak Ridge, Tennessee
» 22.May 2011 um 02:38Uhr «
Hi, Dorrie,

I am Carol, your cousin Doug's wife (not to be confused with Carol, your cousin Andy's wife!)

I recently heard from distant Terpstra cousins of all of you and have been renewing my genealogy research on that branch of the family. They still live in Ontario, Canada, not too far from where your dad and his parents lived when they first arrived from Holland.

Your web page looks very interesting, but I have not had time to look at too much yet, mostly the wonderful photos of you and your parents and brothers so far.

I saw where you said you were a grandmother. Doug and I are excited to be expecting our first grandson in August. We can't wait.

Take care,
Commented by dorrie: hi Carol!

I got your email with all the interesting data.... if I find time, I'll try to build it into my homepage. My older brother, Robert, has been trying to sort out our family tree for some time. If you haven't already, you should contact him.

ooops, I just realised your info was sent to me via Bob *blush*.
Marianne Alexander
Mail: artziglink@gmail.com
Location: Waukee, Ia
» 21.April 2011 um 19:42Uhr «
So loved traveling the pages of your world! What a way to get to know you!! Great photos.
Commented by dorrie: hi Marianne! So glad we're in contact.... about the only good thing about facebook, lol.

As I said to Tina below, this homepage is my way of sharing my life with my family. Besides, it's fun to do!
Tina Monaghan
Mail: tina.monaghan@hot...
» 10.April 2011 um 22:58Uhr «
Hi Dorrie, Your life in photos-nice! Thoroughly enjoyed it.

Peace and Love,

Commented by dorrie: Tina, I'm glad you like it. It's a way for my family to keep up with me.
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