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Graham Large
» 13.May 2010 um 22:44Uhr «
Hello Chris
Many congratulations on your 80th birthday. I've been a fan of your music since the mid 1950s when I first heard the recording of the great Festival Hall concert with Monty, Lonnie, Ottilie, Pat, Ron Bowden etc doing among others Ice Cream and have been following you around ever since. No other band has that inimitable bounce that you have whenever you play and I look forward to many more years of sheer enjoyment. Best wishes.
Ingrid Müller-Marx
Web: http://www.marx57.s...
» 10.May 2010 um 01:03Uhr «
Dear Chris Barber,
from the bottom of my heart best wishes to you and happy birthday. I´ve seen and drawn you yesterday at Wiehl. What an energy and love to music you give! Phantastic, also the band. Thanks!!
Swinging greetings, Ingrid
dennis Honley
» 05.May 2010 um 21:22Uhr «
A very Happy 80th Birthday Chris.
I have been a fan since day one ( giving my age away ), We do not see enough of you in Kent, especially now the Marlow is being rebuilt. Hope you will be invited to the grand reopening.
Hope you had a lovely day.
You are my No 1 in the Trad World.
Best Wishes
Ross Culver
» 03.May 2010 um 11:42Uhr «
Dear Chris,congratulations on your 80th Birthday,you have been an inspiration to us all over the years we have tuned into your music,
Ross Culver.D/Bass on behalf of :
Tom Kerr.Trombone
Roy Wardle .Trumpet
Doug Farquhar.Banjo
Alan Meakin.Clarinet
members of
The Twin City Stompers Trad Band
Hawke's Bay New Zealand
douglas gerrard
» 30.April 2010 um 17:53Uhr «
dear chris,
very many happy returns on your "young" 80th!
live in kaarst, germany, for over 40 years and always come to hear you - longstanding fan from my schooldays - still have my first ep with
"misty morning"!!
all the very best and thanks for so many years of great pleasure you and your band have given me and thousands of others.
hope to see/hear you before too long.

Ray Green
» 27.April 2010 um 08:07Uhr «
All the very best from the NZ contingent.

Currently planning to be over summer 2011 (end July) so look forward to catching up yet again. Keep up the good work!
Henning Reinke
» 26.April 2010 um 11:14Uhr «
Lieber Chris,
alles, alles Gute zu Deinem 80. Geburtstag wünscht Dir Henning aus Brinkum bei Bremen. Ich habe mich seit über vierzig Jahren über Deine Musik bei vielen Konzerten gefreut. Feier schön und bis bald in Bremen!!!
Rudolf Tosenovsky
» 26.April 2010 um 08:43Uhr «
Dear Chris,late Birthday Congratulation to You.I was in Hloiday till now.

Thank You for Your lovely Concert in Munich and for the Picture that I make with You and my Husband.

Lovely Greetings from Vienna.
Perhaps You will play in sometime.

Your big Fan

Rudolf Tosenovsky
Klaus Müller
» 25.April 2010 um 01:18Uhr «
Etwas verspätet - aber um so herzlichere
Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag.
Alles Gute und hoffentlich wieder im Sommer
auf SYLT.

Dein alter Fan von der INSEL SYLT

Knud Daugaard
» 21.April 2010 um 09:29Uhr «
Dear Chris

Hope to see you in Denmark in 2010 - again.
Thank you for all!

Knud Daugaard
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